We Guarantee Satisfaction

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by making customer satisfaction our #1 priority. In fact, if you hire us to design/install a project for you, we will post your review, positive or negative, under our testimonies! That's how confident we are. \\ View our testimonials.

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Provided Solutions

Synergy Media Group’s commercial division focuses on corporatehospitalsk-12,higher educationgovernment, and houses of worship. More specifically, Synergy Media Group designs and installs audiovisual systems in conference rooms, board rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, operating rooms, training rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, computer labs, distance learning classrooms, videoconferencing centers, audioconferencing centers, emergency operation centers, network operation centers, surgical suites, courtrooms, performing art venues, conference centers, churches, houses of worship, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, and museums.

Synergy Media Group has a residential division that focuses on home audiovisual systems, specifically high-end home theater systems, media rooms, whole-house audio systems, in-wall surround sound systems, home automation, and smart homes.

Corporate AV Systems

Synergy Media Group focuses on corporate audio-visual systems. The most common corporate AV systems are installed in board rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and training rooms; however, it is becoming increasingly common to find audiovisual solutions in videoconferencing facilities, lobbies, network operation centers, fitness centers, and cafeterias.

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Educational AV Systems

Synergy Media Group designs and installs audiovisual solutions for the education industry. Our installations can take place in K-12 public schools, K-12 private schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes, and educational training facilities.

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HealthCare AV Systems

Synergy Media Group understands the need for audiovisual systems in the healthcare industry.

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Government AV Systems

Synergy Media Group realizes that government AV systems have different requirements than AV systems in other industries. Since government audiovisual systems are often used in situation training, video arraignment, operation centers, courtrooms, and times of emergency it is imperative that the system works at all times, every time.

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House of Worship AV Systems

Synergy Media Group has installed numerous audio visual systems in houses of worship in Pittsburgh PA. Churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples are all excellent opportunities for audio visual integration. The requirements for AV systems installed in Houses of Worship are different from AV systems designed for other industries. The Audio Visual equipment in Houses of Worship must not take away from the beauty of the architecture, stained glass, or symbols.

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Residential AV Systems

Synergy Media Group operates a residential division that focuses on home theater, home automation, and smart homes. Synergy Media Group's residential division is the premiere home theater and home automation design and installation team in Pittsburgh PA. Our team focuses on high-end homes in the western PA area and can custom design and install any home audiovisual system on the market today.

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