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Corporate AV Systems

Synergy Media Group focuses on corporate audio-visual systems. The most common corporate AV systems are installed in board rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and training rooms; however, it is becoming increasingly common to find audiovisual solutions in videoconferencing facilities, lobbies, network operation centers, fitness centers, and cafeterias.

Below are a few common audiovisual solutions for the corporate marketplace:


AudioVisual Conference Room

A simple corporate audiovisual conference room includes a ceiling mounted projector, a projection screen, and a laptop connection. High-end audiovisual conference-room systems incorporate a Crestron control system that provides a user-friendly interface so any presenter can control an entire room’s technology. With a press of a button, the electric screen will drop, the projector will turn on, the laptop will be displayed on the screen, audio will ramp to the perfect level, the lights will dim, and the blinds will close creating the ideal presentation environment. From simple board rooms to complex training rooms, Synergy Media Group has a AV solution.

AudioConferencing Solution

Another common AV solution for conference rooms as an integrated audioconferencing system. Imagine the possibility of engaging in an audioconference call without a telephone sitting on the table! An integrated audioconferencing system will allow all users to sit back in their conference room chairs and have a normal discussion. There is no need to huddle around a phone or spread out mic cables over the table so that everyone can be heard. Additionally, the group you are speaking to will be heard over ceiling speakers and they will sound as if they are in the same room as you!

VideoConferencing Solution

With the integration of a videoconferencing system into your conference room, a business is able to save money that would be earmarked for hotel, travel, meals, and entertainment expenses. Remember that not only is travel expensive, but it takes time to travel. Productivity is important and eliminating travel is a great way to increase productivity. Furthermore, an individual or a team presenting in their home environment is more likely to feel confident, therefore making a stronger presentation. VideoConferencing systems can be integrated into any corporate boardroom or office and the ROI can be quick.