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Educational AV Systems

Synergy Media Group designs and installs audiovisual solutions for the education industry. Our installations can take place in K-12 public schools, K-12 private schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes, and educational training facilities.

Some our audiovisual spaces in the educational market include classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, computer labs, distance learning classrooms, school board meeting rooms, LGI’s, cafeterias, student unions, lobbies, chapels, and gymnasiums. Our people have installed AV systems in 80% of the colleges and universities in western Pennsylvania area so you can be sure we have the knowledge and experience to complete your educational space.

Below are a few common audiovisual solutions in the educational marketplace:

K-12 Classroom

In K-12, technology in the classroom is becoming very common. A simple solution for the K-12 classroom is a projector mounted from the ceiling, an electric screen, a few speakers, and a wall plate to connect your laptop or DVD player. A slightly more functional AV classroom solution involves the addition of a Crestron control panel that will operate the screen, projector, volume, and source selection with the touch of one button! This slightly more functional solution is very cost effective and makes your classroom AV system extremely user friendly.
College Lecture Hall

Audiovisual systems in a college lecture halls is mandatory. Lecture halls demand a minimum of a ceiling mounted projector and an electric screen. Additionally, microphones, speakers, laptop connections, and DVD players are almost always present. Crestron touchpanels often control the classroom AV environment by allowing any professor to control all aspects of the lecture hall with a touch of his/her finger. Blinds, lighting, source selection, projector functions, volume, and screen control are commonly controlled by in an advanced audiovisual lecture hall. Additional items that are sometimes found in college lecture halls include rear-projection screens, projector lifts, dual projection systems, plasmas for video reinforcement, and audioconferencing systems.

University Distance-Learning Classroom

Universities often need to communicate via videoconferencing to branch campuses, other universities, and k-12 schools to which universities offer advance placement courses and possibly college credits. A university distance learning room often consists of a dual projection system or dual plasma displays (one shows your audience, the other shows what your audience is seeing). A videoconferencing codec, microphones, sources, conferenferencing cameras, speakers, switchers, and Crestron touchpanels are extremely common items found in a university distance-learning classrooms. It is not uncommon to see additional plasmas installed in the rear of the room that act as confidence monitors and push-to-talk microphones installed on students desks. Once a student presses the push-to-talk mic, the student mic becomes active and the camera zooms in on the student; when the student is done talking, the mic is again muted and the camera defaults back to the presenter. Distance learning classrooms are extremely functional and are often a technology showpiece.