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Go Green Building Management

Integrated Green Building Technology
The Complete Energy Management System

Effective green and sustainability efforts are much more complex than just harvesting daylight and dimming lighting levels. Managing and controlling ambient lighting is only one small piece of the process. The only way to achieve meaningful reductions in energy usage and utility costs is for all building systems to be completely integrated on a single, intelligent building management platform.
Synergy Media Group provides Crestron Integrated Building Technology (IBT), the only intelligent platform that unifies all energy-consuming systems including HVAC, lighting, shades, Audio Visual, sprinklers, and more. This system is the only technology that enables facility managers to monitor, manage and control all the technology throughout the entire facility, both centrally and globally.

Every Room Connected —
the Only Way to Achieve True Energy Savings

Eliminate the inefficiencies, costs and hassles of monitoring many disparate systems from different platforms. Through seamless integration of Crestron’s superior control systems, scalable and robust commercial lighting systems, and award-winning software, Crestron IBT connects every room and every building. Intuitively manage, monitor, and schedule every environmental and audio/video system from any touch screen, web browser, or mobile device for peak performance and optimal energy savings.
Crestron IBT solutions not only tell you when rooms are used, but also how they’re used. Intelligent room scheduling makes sure the right rooms with the right resources are used, for maximum productivity and efficiency.
When a meeting is scheduled, automatically “wake up” the room prior to the start of a presentation. After the meeting, our occupancy sensors detect when a room is vacant and automatically power off devices.

Enterprise Monitoring and Management
Gives You the Pulse of the Building from Anywhere, Anytime

Synergy Media Group can provide it’s green building managers with an “at a glance” view of every lighting, AV and environmental device throughout your facility, keeping you informed of each room’s status in real-time.
View precise lighting levels, temperature and shade positions graphically from any touch screen or Web browser. Track current and historical energy consumption and intelligently manage room resources. Monitor the power grid and renewable energy sources, and automatically draw from the most cost-effective source.
That’s intelligent, fully integrated building management — only provided by Crestron.
In commercial office buildings, hotels and resorts, a college campus, stadiums and arenas, hospitals, convention centers or the modern home, Crestron IBT energy management solutions provide the answer to achieving energy efficiency, reductions in consumption, lower utility bills, and a greener environment.