Corporate Office


In the large meeting hall, which seats over 600, two projectors display onto large screens, making presentations accessible to the entire room. The projection system includes laptop, wireless sharing, and cable box sourcing capabilities. A stage with multiple audio options (podium microphone, wireless handheld mic, wireless lavalier mic) sits at the front of the room, and all audio is distributed through 16 ceiling speakers for articulate audio that fills the room and sounds true to life.


A wall-mounted touchpanel controls all the room’s AV, allowing users to lower projection screens, display content, manage audio, switch sources, adjust volume levels, shut down, and more. The space can operate as two separate rooms with their own touchpanels, and the systems are programmed to reconfigure appropriately as the room divider opens and closes.


The “classroom” supports audioconferencing and webconferencing, wired or wireless content sharing, and seamless audio distribution throughout the space, all controlled by a simple touchpanel interface at the center of the table.


Wireless access points were provided throughout the building, including its front office spaces and social hall. Our experts provided technology usage training for all systems installed.

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Local 66 Operating Engineers
Corporate Office


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Mascaro Construction Company