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Continuing on their renovation of their corporate offices, Western Reserve is looking to further modernize and upgrade the building coming off of phase 2. Throughout phase 3, Synergy Media Group worked with the technology design team to produce and install necessary technology throughout the office space. Western Reserve’s corporate offices feature outfitted IT training and conference rooms, alongside updated sound masking systems throughout the existing and new building on the campus.


The space features a divisible conference room, able to split into a combination of 1, 3, or 5 rooms. Sensors have been installed to ensure seamless separation, all systems are combined and automatically close and open upon request. All spaces are outfitted with recessed ceiling speakers, HDMI connections, wireless collaboration capabilities, and a control system. The conference rooms are also equipped with projection screens ranging from 90″-189″ and a projector for ease of presenting.


In addition to the divisible conference room, Western Reserve’s upgraded headquarters includes 5 additional conference spaces, including dedicated space for legal, accounting, and an executive conference room. All additional conferencing spaces are outfitted with a 90″ flat panel display, a table mounted control panel, a wall mounted camera for videoconferencing and much more. Employees will also have access to a fitness area including 6 ceiling mounted displays which feed in cable TV.

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