Synergy Media Group is Going Green!

Green. For good.

Last month, the Synergy Media Group office made a commitment to sustainability by implementing a brand new in-office recycling program.


Though this is an important step forward for Synergy’s green initiative, it is only an addition to the numerous sustainability standards our team already upholds to install and run big systems that leave a small footprint.


Our company is dedicated to providing clients with sustainable technology solutions by utilizing several earth-conscious practices.


  • We install occupancy sensors in rooms. In turn, equipment is automatically shut down when not in use, conserving money and energy.
  • We outfit your spaces with equipment that uses less power.
  • We enable videoconferencing as an alternative to transportation in an effort to decrease carbon emissions and save clients money.
  • In our office and on installation sites, we work with advanced, adaptable, and durable technologies to ensure that equipment is useful for longer, decreasing electronic waste and the frequency of costly replacements.
  • In each system we install, we can program controls for utilities like lights, and provide options for AV equipment automation.
  • We keep real-time statistics on building management systems (which display water, electricity, and HVAC usage) so users can access visual representations of building operations. This information helps our clients make data-centric decisions on how to take their own sustainability initiatives.


Though our industry is ineligible for LEED certification, our project manager, Anthony Ferraro, CTS-I, always considers the environment when approaching projects. “Our team follows all LEED requirements for the work we do. We cannot acquire LEED credentials in our industry, but that doesn’t mean we can’t adhere to their guidelines,” Ferraro says.


We do not believe that ethical consumerism and innovative design are mutually exclusive. No doubt, we’ll need to leap over some hurdles to continue embedding sustainability values in the work we do. Luckily for us, we’re up for the challenge – not just because we know we’ll be making a huge difference, but because overcoming obstacles is just what we do.