Synergy Media Group Honored as Top Higher-Education Classroom Technology Integrator in the US

Extraordinary integrations for extraordinary higher education experiences.

Synergy Media Group was recently recognized by Commercial Integrator Magazine as one of the top higher-education audiovisual integrators in the United States capable of engineering, installing, programming, and maintaining cutting-edge technology for high-profile educational classrooms.


As one of five firms in the United States receiving this award, Synergy Media Group was selected based on the firm’s dynamic, effective approach at delivering successful technology systems for higher education clients. It is Synergy Media Group’s focus on supplementing in-classroom collaboration and small-group interaction with user-friendly technology systems that has made us stand out among competitors on a national scale.


Synergy Media Group has designed a number of collaborative university classrooms that include interactive 4″ Crestron touchpanels at every student seat. When a student arrives, the individual types their name into the touchpanel. An LED panel in front of the student (but facing the instructor) lights up so the professor can immediately begin putting names to faces. These touchpanels also allow for real-time polling so professors can ask questions anytime during the lecture and students can anonymously respond. The professor receives instant feedback on all answers which helps the professor determine if the topic being delivered is understood. Additionally, students can use the touchpanels to help guide the speed of the lecture by indicating if the pace of the presenter is too slow, too fast, or just right. All of these features are completely customizable since we create all custom code in-house, thanks to our certified Crestron programmers.


Another style of pedagogy is small group teamwork. Synergy Media Group has helped numerous colleges and universities design classroom environments that facilitate this learning technique while enhancing its usefulness in tandem with technology. Often LED displays are installed at each group’s circular table so that all students in the group can view their laptop on a local monitor. The professor can simply walk into the classroom with a custom-programmed iPad that provides control over all of the technology in the classroom.


For example, a professor can route any student’s display to any or all of the other displays to share with the class. When a student group is presenting, the professor can dim the lights in the room, but raise the lights in the presenting group’s area so all attention is focused on the presenters. The benefits of increased attendance and higher student success rates after implementing high-tech classrooms are undeniable. That’s where Synergy’s heart is.


“Commercial Integrator Magazine is a well-respected industry publication that carries significant weight in the AV industry. Our entire team takes great pride in the innovative technology classrooms we create and we are humbled to receive such a prestigious award,” says Bill McIntosh, President and Co-Founder of Synergy Media Group.